All Lii Audio drivers have a lifetime warranty, and 1-year warranty for other parts like cabinets to the original buyer, the warranty covers troubles aside of shipping, abuse and mis use.
In case warranty is applied, customers should contact Lii Audio with as much detailed as possible information about the trouble, we will firstly give instructions of some troubleshooting steps, then in case repair is needed, according to the situation, we can send parts to customers or customers send the product to our Hangzhou workshop to repair.
Price of material and handling is covered by the warranty, shipping fare and diverse charges caused by customs are not covered.


Return of products:

All Lii Audio products have a trial period of 45 days since reception. Within the period, customer can ask for returning them regardless the reason with a 10% restocking fee on a platform of $50 and not bypassing $100 per order.
For executing the return, please pack the product well (ideally in its oringial package) and get it in full protection to avoid damage on route of return, with photos proving the good condition before sending, then send it to the nearest return address communicated by lii-audio.com.
In general, a return will be handled within 4 local business days after delivery, but this delay may exceed for reasons such as technical evalutation.