1. General:
    www.lii-audio.com (under-mentionned “lii-audio”) is the only official website of the HiFi music driver and speaker brand “Lii Audio (Xizi Audio)” from Hangzhou, China. Lii-audio is fully entrusted by Lii Audio brand to franchise, commercialize by wholesale or retail, by all legal means, all of its products and agreed intellecual properties such as speaker cabinet conceptions. Lii-audio website is also entrusted to offer all services for customers on behalf of Lii Audio brand.

  2. Order:
    Anyone visiting lii-audio website can make purchase of product(s) available on lii-audio, in this case, the buyer (under-mentionned “customer”) is asked to create an account and provide necessary information for executing the delivery.
    By placing an order the customer acknowledge an agreement of current policies.
    All prices on lii-audio.com is based on US dollars, EU euro price is available but calculated by current exhange rate. If your delivery address is within EU zone, a value added tax of 20% is applied automatically, the goods will be sent from our EU warehouse and you won’t be charged of another tax from the customs office. Customer can also contact us to ask to send from China with a pre-taxing price, in that case, customer engages to take responsibility for all taxes and import fees the customs office may demand the receiver to undertake.
    The payment will only be made on third trustworthy platforms such as paypal and sofort Bank, customers from US and EU can also choose to pay with direct bank transfer.

    As prevention for special cases such as suspecious payment or lack of supply, lii-audio reserves the right to cancel an order and refuse/refund the payment and inform the customer.

  3. Shipping:
    The products sold on lii-audio are shipped from warehouses from China, USA or EU depending on availability by famous transporters such as DHL, UPC and Fedex to worldwide.
    Acoording to distance, infrastructure level and other elements, the shipping delay varies between 3 to 30 days.
    Once an order is placed successfully, lii-audio engages to execute the sending within 2 (two) China working days and offer tracking number to the email address of the customer, the number is also consultable on order details in the customer’s account on lii-audio.com.
    In case the parcel is arrived with obvious major damage and deformation, it should not be accepted and should be reclaimed to us with photo, or else accepted damaged product will not be recognized as quality fault.
    As conditions of different countries and places varies greatly, it is possible that lii-audio negotiate with the customer for a changement of transport condition, in this case, lii-audio will refund completely the order, or refund/ask for the difference of transport to the customer, all after a friendly agreement is settled down.

  4. Return/Refund:
    Customer has the right to ask for a return/refund for any reason within 45 days from the delivery date or in case of proved defective product. For doing so, customer is asked to contact lii-audio to indicate willing and reason and choose between exchange and refund, with a restocking fee of 10% on a platform of $50 and not bypassing $100 per order.
    For executing the return, please pack the product well (ideally in its oringial package) and get it in full protection to avoid damage on route of return, with photos proving the good condition before sending, then send it to the nearest return address communicated by lii-audio.com.
    In general, a return will be handled within 4 local business days after delivery, but this delay may exceed for reasons such as technical evalutation.

  5. Warranty and repair:
    All Lii Audio drivers have a lifetime warranty, and 1-year warranty for other parts like cabinets to the original buyer, the warranty covers troubles aside of shipping, abuse and mis use.
    In case warranty is applied, customers should contact Lii Audio with as much detailed as possible information about the trouble, we will firstly give instructions of some troubleshooting steps, then in case repair is needed, according to the situation, we can send parts to customers or customers send the product to our Hangzhou workshop to repair.
    Price of material and handling is covered by the warranty, shipping fare and diverse charges caused by customs are not covered.

  • Wholesale:
    If you want to become a professional partner or place a wholesale order of more than 5 pieces of lii-audio products, please contact us by the contact form or the email address provided on homepage to get bulk promotional price and discuss about other issues.