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One Pair | Flagship 10″ Fullrange Drivers | Latest driver development&Premium quality audio | Crystal-10

$1,399.00 $999.00 excl. VAT (EU)
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 1.35 Ohms
2. Fs 31.5 Hz
3. Re 5.76 Ohms(dc)
4. Qes 93.78 Ohms
5. Qms 7.75
6. Qes 0.48
7. Qts 0.51
8. L1 0.19 mH
9. L2 0.37 mH
10.R2 2.87 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 2.00 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 256.5 liters
14.Mms 14.83 grams
15.Cms 1573 uM/Newton
16.Bl 6.59 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 99.1 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.15

Method: Mass-loaded (17 500 grams)

Area (Sd): 356.42 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.80 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight (a pair): 15 KG


(In Pair, 2 pcs) Recommended, 15″ Full Range Speaker Driver For Music Loudspeaker With Tube Amplifier F-15

$499.00 $399.00 excl. VAT (EU)
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 1.35 Ohms
2. Fs 49.6 Hz
3. Re 6.56 Ohms(dc)
4. Qes 63.78 Ohms
5. Qms 7.45
6. Qes 0.78
7. Qts 0.71
8. L1 0.11 mH
9. L2 0.47 mH
10.R2 3.57 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 0.85 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 178.5 liters
14.Mms 13.70 grams
15.Cms 1473 uM/Newton
16.Bl 5.92 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 97.2 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.5

Method: Mass-loaded (13 500 grams)

Area (Sd): 146.56 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.80 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight: 11KG

6.5 inch full range Hi-Fi speaker exquisite design Bakelite Cone For Tube Amplifier M6 2 Pcs

$249.00 excl. VAT (EU)

Technical Data:

Rated power——20W

Maximum Power——40W

Nominal impedance Z——80 hm

Frequency response——-fu-16000Hz

Mean sound pressure level——90.26 dB(2,83/1m)

Resonance frequency fs——55.8 Hz

Magnetic induction——1.4T

Total Q factor Qts——0.68

Equivalent volume Vas——50L

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About the company

Lii Audio (Xizi Audio) has been found in 2016, by the rear of beautiful Xizi Lake in Hangzhou, China. The company concentrates on designing and developing many types of high quality full-range audio speakers.

The sound is artistic, we hold in belief that only by achieving a perfect design, insisting on handmade craftship and sound adjustment with restricted exigences can a speaker be made enchanted with art and life. We are devoted to provide to music amateurs worldwide a feast of exquisite hearing experience.

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