One Pair | 18 Inch Full Range Speakers | Superb Scale Soundstage with New Imaging | F-18


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Technical Data: 
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: 40 – 80 W
Frequency response: Fu – 15k Hz
Fs: 38.7 Hz
Sd: 119.46 cm²
Qms: 18.656
Qes: 0.985
Qts: 0.935
Sensitivity: 97.8 dB (2.83V/1m)
Vas: 661.77 litres

Weight (a pair): 18 KG


We almost finished F-18 at the beginning of 2020, however, we later found that there could still be more improvements and tried them – which at last made us almost re-started everything from beginning. But we can now proudly say that this F-18 we finally decide to list is much better than what we were satisfied with and were about to list almost one year ago.

There is no need to tell much about advantages of a big diameter full range speaker. When this one is played, you will feel being submerged in music.

F-18 full range drivers

Additional information

Weight16 kg
Dimensions53 × 53 × 50 cm

3 reviews for One Pair | 18 Inch Full Range Speakers | Superb Scale Soundstage with New Imaging | F-18

  1. Kandaswamy Vijayan (verified owner)

    Widest and most precise soundstage I’ve ever experienced. The highs are astonishingly good for a speaker this size. Mid-bass is very slightly weak, but it might be a perception issue since I’ve never really heard low-bass this deep and articulate before. Had it only for a day, I am delighted enough to leave a review. Will update as the drivers break in. Remarkable accomplishment.

  2. NewID81 (verified owner)

    Updating my earlier review to help potential buyers – after 100 hours of use these speakers truly opened up. The presence and soundstage have gotten better (ie. individual delineation of instruments in space and sonic resolution. It is still a full ranger, a three-way is still going to be better in complex passages, but the utter dynamism, cohesion and agility of these speakers are a worthy trade-off). The bass has gotten significantly better -taut and more refined. I can hear the growl on Cosmic Hippo as well as the deep bass, earlier the deep notes were a bit soft. I use it in an open baffle. I have added a ribbon tweeter in parallel with a 10 KHz high pass capacitor. It has opened up the highs, but may need to roll off the highs on the F-18, as well. You can feel them hitting their limits on the high end and sounding flat (high hats and brushes hit a monotone. Less pronounced with the added tweeter, may need to roll off the F-18 at 10-12 KHz to eliminate them completely). I am introducing a DSP into the mix to clean up the sound. Will update after some experimentation. These are an engineering marvel, very much worth the tinkering to pull out what they can do.

  3. chris bowden

    These are such classic speakers, exceptionally fun to experiment with, when they hit their sweet spot they’re very hard to beat.

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