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We have honor to present you the Echo series complete speakers which is available with 3 options of different driver units: Al-3, Al-4 and F-6S. The idea of this model is to provide not expensive bookshelf speakers for people who are interested in exploring full range speakers but lacking ability to DIY.

Echo series are made in piano factory with pure piano finishing. The material used is 18mm MDF, veneered and with thick piano lacquer surface. With simple but effective structure we realized optimized sound performance without any complicity. These complete speakers don’t have any circuit or crossover inside, the signal is directly linked from binding posts to drivers and you can easily drive them with low watts amplifier. Using our entry-level driver units, they are compatible with a great range of gears and scenarios, you can either combine them with an amp chip for your PC or TV, or feed them with high-end tube amplifier for HiFi use, none will fail you.

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Al-3, Al-4, F-6S


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