As you might have heard of, the Corona Virus broke out during a bad period, Chinese New Year, when people move all around China to gather with family and in a bad place, Wuhan of Hubei province, an important transport center of China. For controlling the infection, almost all cities in China started level 1 alert and people have to execute self-isolation at home to prevent the infection. This method takes effect, at least for places outside Hubei Province, by the time we publish this article, February 7th 2019, we see an obvious reduction of new infected patients in every other provinces.

The corona virus has a troublesome feature, it has a shadow period of at most 14 days, during which it could present no symptom but still be infectious, thus counting from the first date of isolation, we have estimated that we can be back to work at February 10th. But now as the situation is still not totally under control, and to diversify the flow of people, we have been noticed that we should not get back to office until at the earliest Feb.17th.

Our workshop is situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. Currently the province is listed the 2nd in terms of number of infected people, thus currently it applies a very strict control to fight against the virus. Gladly, each day we see less and less new infections but in the other way the restriction may still last longer time. In the worst situation, shipping might be delayed to the end of February.

Considering of the situation, we would like to inform our dear customers:

  1. The coupon of discount “HAPPYNEWYEAR” will take effect till the end of February, even if the shipping can be done before that date.
  2. If someone placed the order without using the coupon, we will refund the amount of discount when handling the shipping.
  3. We now have a few stocks arrived in the US warehouse and will proceed the shipping from now on for orders within the US.
  4. We beg for everyone’s pardon if we are not able to provide an effective communication and service in these days, but we promise that at least we will not let any customer suffer any unfair consequence.