(Destocking, previous flagship) One Pair | 10 Inch HIFI Speaker Driver For Tube Amplifier | Total Full Range and Exquisite Sound | Fast-10


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Technical Data: 
Rated power——50W
Maximum Power——80W
Nominal impedance Z——8 Ohm
Frequency response——-fu-20000Hz
Mean sound pressure level——99 dB(2,83/1m)
Resonance frequency fs——35Hz
Magnetic induction——1.8T
Total Q factor Qts——0.50
Equivalent volume Vas——150L

Weight (a pair): 10KG

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Attention: This lot we are destocking is made in 2018, compared with last lot of 2017, it has some changes in terms of frame finishing/painting, on the package it might be marked as “Fast-10” or “Fast-10S”, but there is no difference with the structure, material and sound. If we make a driver with different sound, we will change the appearance and model No. to let people distinguish without doubt. Please accept our apologies if our package brings confusion.

  • 1.10inch High-End full range speaker,with great resolution.
  • 2.HF,MF sounds liquids.
  • 3.Cloth edge and damper use new tecnology material,last 20 years long
  • 4.Y35 spaceflight magnetism,voice coil is long stroke copper and aluminum,stroke=8mm
  • 5.With the special paper straw pulp,sensitivity=99db(2.83v/1m),it is the best for tube amplifier.

Designs for cabinet:

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm

2 reviews for (Destocking, previous flagship) One Pair | 10 Inch HIFI Speaker Driver For Tube Amplifier | Total Full Range and Exquisite Sound | Fast-10

  1. JamesSovlinsky (verified owner)

    While prefacing that I don’t have a wide range of experience with full range drivers; I have to say the Lii Audio FAST-10S is a remarkable sounding driver. I’m using them in an open baffle configuration, and they exhibit such refinement across their frequency output. Every note is accurate and smooth, and retains a beautiful presence, along with perfect decay. Since I am using them in an open baffle, I have reinforced the low end with an additional 10″ bass driver, but in an enclosure suited to them, I have no doubt they would provide accurate bass for most listeners. I’m running the FAST-10S drivers with a 40wpc P/P EL34 based amplifier running KT77 tubes, and the soundstage, depth, imaging, separation of instruments… all exceptional. These speakers are well worth their asking price, and a steal at the discontinued price Lii is currently selling them for. Do yourself a favor, and grab a pair of these wonderful drivers!

  2. mjw25a

    Recently I’ve been lucky enough to purchase a pair of the Lii Audio FAST-10S full range and W-15 woofers. Despite being full range I’ve used forward facing Aurum Cantus G3Si ribbon + ceiling facing Skar Audio VX1-ST bullet super tweeters in an open back speaker cabinets. I’ve used Duelund RS-Cu + Arizona Blue Cactus caps on the super tweeters crossing them over at 12kHz and the FAST-10S and W-15 drivers are run full range, biamped with a Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 3 pre, Wavebourn Edelweiss-3 power amp for the FAST-10S + super tweeters and a Behringer KM750 for the W-15 woofers.

    I must say that this setup has redefined what high quality audio reproduction means to me. Detail has been revealed that I never knew existed in music which I’ve known since my childhood. The impressive thing is not just the revellation of detail though also the texture of and a palpable solidity to the sound, as though you’re in the room with the performance. What has impressed me most is the wide range of music that works brilliantly from jazz, blues, pop rock, to 90’s grunge. To use an oft overused term a veil has been removed between myself and the music. The sound stage is large and open, without the pinpoint accuracy you get with smaller drivers, sounding like an actual performance. I’ve never before experienced anything like it. To be fair, you need to perfect your source. These speakers will not make a poor source sound great. They will reveal what is there, warts and all. These have turned out to be my final audio purchase. I’m done chasing system improvement. This cannot be bettered,hough I have been told that the Crystal series are better…. I just find it hard to believe that things can improve from here. Cheers

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