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Deposit for One Pair | Crytal-10 Full Range Drivers (Flagship Driver) and Cabinets – Complete Official Speakers

$300.00 excl. VAT (EU)

*This link is used to to place an order of deposit for full price of $2800*, please contact us via to inquire the shipping fare first, if you are interested in purchasing a pair and agrees on the inquiry of shipping fare, you can place an order of deposit here, and pay the rest upon shipping of the speakers.

Normally, these speakers are for pre-order and the fabrication would take up to 4 weeks. As the speakers have to be shipped by sea, it normally takes 2 weeks for arriving at US port and 6 weeks or more for EU port as customs in EU often take weeks for clearance however the shipping delay may be longer especially during this period.

Please kindly acknowledge that the deposit is not refundable once speakers shipped out from our workshop.