One Pair | Recommended 15″ Full Range Speaker Driver | Fast High and Scaled Sound | F-15

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Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 1.35 Ohms
2. Fs 49.6 Hz
3. Re 6.56 Ohms(dc)
4. Qes 63.78 Ohms
5. Qms 7.45
6. Qes 0.78
7. Qts 0.71
8. L1 0.11 mH
9. L2 0.47 mH
10.R2 3.57 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 0.85 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 178.5 liters
14.Mms 13.70 grams
15.Cms 1473 uM/Newton
16.Bl 5.92 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 97.2 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.5

Method: Mass-loaded (13 500 grams)

Area (Sd): 146.56 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.80 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight: 11KG

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This F-15, 15″ Full range speaker driver is another one of our recommended product. It achieves a really high performance while keeping in a low cost, which makes it product of the best price-quality ratio among all our drivers. It sounds smooth and fine in mid-high range whereas vigorous in low frequency, which makes it an outstanding choice for enjoying orchestra and traditional songs. Try this and get yourself amazed by how such a big thing can manage so well and so sensitive in handling mid-high range but still keep the natural good outcome for big drivers in low frequency.

This product now gets a superb approval from the market, often out of stock, we are arranging our production to keep it always available.

15" full range speaker driver F-15 front view

15" full range speaker driver F-15 45 degree view back

15" full range speaker driver F-15 45 degree view front

15" full range speaker driver F-15 technical data

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 45 cm

5 reviews for One Pair | Recommended 15″ Full Range Speaker Driver | Fast High and Scaled Sound | F-15

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pascal Dubois

    Reçu il y a un mois et je décide de laisser mon compliment, car pour une paire de 15″ à ce prix on n’attend pas de grande chose surtout pour la haute fréquence mais celle-là dépasse incroyablement l’attente! Qualité invincible à ce prix et ça explique l’épuissement constant…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nimes Haslowel

    Pity that I only took this instead of the promotion of Crystal-10 and this together for the price for one. It is amazing how a 15″ can sound so lovely in high range and no need to compensate with a woofer. A magic of music. Really wondering how well Crystal-10 can perform judging on a basis of this 15 inch driver! Saving bucks now for a pair of Crystal-10 and hope the promotion will still be available when I’m able to buy.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am located in the USA. I received a pair of F15s. Packing was very good. I listened to the speakers open baffle. I am very impressed with the sound, construction and appearance of the speakers. The customer service at LII Audio has been great. They provided me with a drawing for ported boxes for the F15s, which I am building now. I ordered a pair of Crystal-10s I am looking forward to receiving. My amp is pretty smooth. It has clarity cap CMR capacitors. I expect great results from the LII Audio products. Thank you LII Audio for the great products and service.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    adjasc (verified owner)

    I’m running a pair of these open baffle and the are the biggest, densest sound I’ve heard. I do use bass equalization to boost the lows, which for me is essential to really dig deep. The high efficiency is a real plus. These sound great at any volume.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    theumbrellacorp (verified owner)

    I added these to a set of open baffle modular frames. Power by a set of 8W/ch Acuhorn M2’s these sound amazing. The bass is very expressive, not terribly loud but you hear it. The sound is open and the sound stage massive. These are very fun to play with and sound even better.

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