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Technical Data: 
1. PMSE-Free 1.35 Ohms
2. Fs 31.5 Hz
3. Re 5.76 Ohms(dc)
4. Qes 93.78 Ohms
5. Qms 7.75
6. Qes 0.48
7. Qts 0.51
8. L1 0.19 mH
9. L2 0.37 mH
10.R2 2.87 Ohms
11.RMSE-load 2.00 Ohms
13.Vas(sd) 256.5 liters
14.Mms 14.83 grams
15.Cms 1573 uM/Newton
16.Bl 6.59 Tesla-M
17.Splref(sd) 99.1 dB(Re)
18.Rub-index 0.15

Method: Mass-loaded (17 500 grams)

Area (Sd): 356.42 sq cm

Drc mode: Measure (-0.80 ohms)

Qc file: CLOSED

Weight (a pair): 15 KG

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Special promotion: For the next 20 pairs of Crystal-10 ordered, we will add a pair of F15 for free during shipping. Please note that we will set a quantity of 20 pairs starting now and when all 20 pairs are sold then the promotion will end.


Revolutionary product and the new flagship among all Lii audio drivers. The Crystal-10 surpasses all our expectations in the area of price versus quality in our driver range. Take a leap of faith and try our outstanding product of which we are extremely proud. Fantastic performance in both the low, mid and high frequencies. Clear and truly beautiful sound combined with the benefits of high sensitivity. Ideal for use with low power valve or solidstate amplifiers but also superb and surprising with larger amplifiers above for example 20 watts. Be prepared to enjoy the absolute beauty of single driver wideband speakers of the highest quality.

(Description kindly rewritten by Andre Vermeulen)

Crystal-10 full range driver front view

Crystal-10 full range driver 45 degree front view

Crystal-10 full range driver 45 degree back view

Crystal-10 full range driver detail - connection

Crystal-10 full range driver detail - structure

Crystal-10 full range driver detail - structureTechnical data of 10" full range driver Crystal 10

10" crystal full range speaker driver testing

crystal-10 10" full range driver on the wooden cabinet

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 45 cm

3 reviews for (A pair of F15 offered) One Pair | Flagship 10″ Fullrange Drivers | Latest driver development&Premium quality audio | Crystal-10

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Estel Disent

    Received about 2 weeks after order, very well packed in a wooden case. These drivers are amazingly good or even far more better than I expected. Didn’t break in enough but sound is already great and worth many compliments. These are truly full range and give lovely high and mid as well as warm low, just sit and listen then let the music bring up colorful imaginations. As a cooker myself I’d say that these drivers give lots of adorable tastes into the music, and they are very sensitive and responsible that easy to be carried with something in low watts. Eager to see how sound will “mature” through time but I can already give an conclusion (as well as some friends hearing together) that these drivers can beat some others more expensive than them in many aspects.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hearing people talking about Morning Glory for a long time, I doubted at first because thought that the drivers might not merit the price, but at least I decided to pay for my curiosity, and that’s proved to be a good decision! The sound of these drivers do touch the soul! Without any technical comparition, do some proper enclosure or OB and just let them sound, you will easily find them better than even much more expensive drivers!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Randy Macus

    Took some months to break in and I’m sure it’s the best driver I’ve ever tried, very detailed like a live show, no XO nor compensation needed and is completely full range as stated, very unique style, somewhat between vintage and modern and do bring a lot of enjoyment of pure music. However, it needs a long time to break in, even now it’s still getting better and better each day

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