(Destocking, previous flagship) One Pair | 10 Inch HIFI Speaker Driver For Tube Amplifier | Total Full Range and Exquisite Sound | Fast-10

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Technical Data: 
Rated power——50W
Maximum Power——80W
Nominal impedance Z——8 Ohm
Frequency response——-fu-20000Hz
Mean sound pressure level——99 dB(2,83/1m)
Resonance frequency fs——35Hz
Magnetic induction——1.8T
Total Q factor Qts——0.50
Equivalent volume Vas——150L

Weight (a pair): 10KG

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Attention: This lot we are destocking is made in 2018, compared with last lot of 2017, it has some changes in terms of frame finishing/painting, on the package it might be marked as “Fast-10” or “Fast-10S”, but there is no difference with the structure, material and sound. If we make a driver with different sound, we will change the appearance and model No. to let people distinguish without doubt. Please accept our apologies if our package brings confusion.

  • 1.10inch High-End full range speaker,with great resolution.
  • 2.HF,MF sounds liquids.
  • 3.Cloth edge and damper use new tecnology material,last 20 years long
  • 4.Y35 spaceflight magnetism,voice coil is long stroke copper and aluminum,stroke=8mm
  • 5.With the special paper straw pulp,sensitivity=99db(2.83v/1m),it is the best for tube amplifier.

Designs for cabinet:

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm

1 review for (Destocking, previous flagship) One Pair | 10 Inch HIFI Speaker Driver For Tube Amplifier | Total Full Range and Exquisite Sound | Fast-10

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    JamesSovlinsky (verified owner)

    While prefacing that I don’t have a wide range of experience with full range drivers; I have to say the Lii Audio FAST-10S is a remarkable sounding driver. I’m using them in an open baffle configuration, and they exhibit such refinement across their frequency output. Every note is accurate and smooth, and retains a beautiful presence, along with perfect decay. Since I am using them in an open baffle, I have reinforced the low end with an additional 10″ bass driver, but in an enclosure suited to them, I have no doubt they would provide accurate bass for most listeners. I’m running the FAST-10S drivers with a 40wpc P/P EL34 based amplifier running KT77 tubes, and the soundstage, depth, imaging, separation of instruments… all exceptional. These speakers are well worth their asking price, and a steal at the discontinued price Lii is currently selling them for. Do yourself a favor, and grab a pair of these wonderful drivers!

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