Q: What is your relationship with Xizi Audio, are you their supplier?

A: We are Xizi Audio, the name was changed to Lii Audio because Xizi Audio may get misled to many other companies named with the word “Xizi” in China.

Q: Where are your drivers made?

A: We proudly annonce that all our drivers are in unique design and made in China. Someone did try to copy our drivers but they failed at last because not able to copy the sound quality…

Q: Why there is not many measurement details in your driver descriptions?

A: In our point of view, we are making drivers as music instruments not industrialized mass-produced merchandises. We hold faith that measurements has nothing to do with telling if a driver is good or not. So we just put basical measurements in the descriptions and want people to judge our drivers with their own ears. We know that this will make it harder for us to promote our drivers at the beginning, but through time people will get to konw them by among themselves and by listening with their own ears.

Q: What kind of transport do you use to deliver the drivers and to which countries?

A: In general we use express transporters such as DHL as transport method as it gives a good coverage of delivery. By principal we are willing to send drivers worldwide, but as we are not a big company that has matured delivery system, mostly we focus on delivery to far Eastern Asia (countries around China), Australia, North America and Western Europe. Our delivery model might not be correctly set to other countries so we might need to contact you to fix the transport rate.

Q: I want to return the driver and get payback, how can I do?

A: In case of failure due to the quality, transport or package, you will get a full repay or replacement with drivers in good condition if you agree. Otherwise, please ensure that the drivers are in good condition of recommercialization and send them to us, after verified the condition, we will proceed the repay. However, in practice, until now we haven’t yet got any demand of return.

Q: I don’t know how to build the cabinet, can you help us?

A: For most of our drivers, we have instructions and design for suitable cabinet. In the future, we will set warehouses in major markets to sell finished speaker with cabinets.