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One Pair | 6.5 Inch Full Range Speaker Driver | F-6

  • Exclusive cone made of special straw, with unique look and good audio performance
  • Can connect directly to amplifier without crossover or filter, no signal loss or phase distortion
  • High sensitivity, can be easily driven by low-power amplifier or 2W tube amplifier
  • Can be used in multiple purposes
  • Full range speaker with stable frequency transition and clear sound performance


Technical Data: 
Rated power——40W
Maximum Power——80W
Nominal impedance Z——8 Ohm
Frequency response——-fu-17000Hz
Mean sound pressure level——93 dB(2,83/1m)
Resonance frequency fs——43Hz
Magnetic induction——1.0T
Total Q factor Qts——0.65
Equivalent volume Vas——50L

Weight (a pair): 1.8KG